Turnaround Situations
In crisis situations where companies are losing money on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, or yearly basis, and the ownership does not know what to do next, our consultants enter the company knowing changes need to be made quickly in order for the company to be turned around.  We take the necessary steps required to ensure the company‚Äôs survival.

We Know Business
As business consultants we are experienced in all aspects of running a business - sales, operations, and financial management.  When improving business performance, each of the three areas is reviewed and actions are taken to implement improvement solutions.

Improve The Profitability Of Our Clients
Our senior consultants work side-by-side with our clients, rolling up their sleeves, identifying the areas of the business that will improve the profitability of our client's company. We work with you to analyze the three main areas of the business - sales, operations, and financial management. We improve the performance of the company in these areas and as a result improve the profitability. 

Business Consulting

valuable impacts to business


Complete Objectivity
We enter a company with complete objectivity. We have no agendas except to do what it takes to improve the business.  As professionals we can identify problems that may not be apparent to people within the company. 

Leading The Way
DT  Consulting leads the way of consulting to business. We work closely with our clients by understanding their situation, and applying sound business practices to the organization in order to improve the business.  We educate the key employees to sustain the improvements that have been implemented.